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Domestic Abuse is against the law. You have a right to be safe. Let us help you. You do not have to be Muslim to contact us, because this crime affects people of all faiths.
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NISA promotes family harmony through advocacy, education, support services, counseling and referrals.  Here are some specific items we can offer to our clients. We are the first Bay Area domestic violence program, sensitive to the needs of Muslims. All of our advocates are state certified and confidential.

Help Line

• Toll-free and confidential telephone line: 1-888-ASK-NISA (1-888- 275-6472)

Support Services

• NISA Home
• Domestic Violence support group
• Translation services (languages: Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Pushtu, etc.)
• Financial assistance *
• Social Services (assist in applying for: public assistance, section 8 housing, cal-works, medical etc.)
• Transportation services *
• Career Development *

Referral Services

• Emergency and short term housing
• Long term housing
• Legal assistance (refer to private attorneys or Bay Area Legal Aid. NISA will not cover costs)


• Counseling (individual, family, premarital, marriage, career)
• Religious guidance/counseling through Islamic principles

• Anger management classes
• Parenting classes

• Community outreach through tea parties and informational booths
• Domestic Violence workshops

* limited services 

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